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LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. is a manufacturer of commercial LED lighting based in Brisbane, Australia. We aim to be the pre-eminent supplier of LED tubes and other fluorescent and neon replacement products in the Australian market. We also aim to be a major supplier to Australian businesses of other cutting edge forms of commercial LED lighting that replace halogen an metal halide bulbs, flood lights and high bay lights.

It is our strategy to impact the Australian commercial LED market by supplying the highest quality products at prices that make sense to business. Our cost base in Australia is kept to a minimum, but we are supported by massive infrastructure in China. 

Our products are assembled from components produced by companies that are household names such as PhilipsSamsung, Cree and Bridgelux.  Other components are produced by companies such as EpistarChi Mei Corp, Rubycon, Sanan and Silergy. Although they are less well known, they have been leaders in their field for decades and are amoung the largest producers of their speciality LED omponents in the world.     

Any LED product has 4 main components; the LED driver, the LED chips, the heat sink and the case.  The quality of the product depends on the quality of these components and on how they are configured and assembled. Our products are produced from quality components and our factories employ state-of-the-art quality controls in their configuration and assembly. We only work with factories that are committed to the Australian market and can produce products to our specifications to meet Australian standards and obtain independant certification.

We produce the largest range of LED tubes in Australia and noone can provide you with more options for replacing your fluorescent lighting with an appropriate LED solution. In 2015 we have also extended our range to high wattage LED floodlights.     

LED Tube Lighting Logo Our prices for commercial lighting products are the most competitive in Australia. We supply tubes at prices that permit the cost of purchase to be recovered from electricity savings in less than one year. We recognise that the switch to LED lighting must be driven by economic rationale as well as environmental concerns and we set our prices accordingly. 

We distinguish ourselves from other lighting companies by; 

  1. Manufacturing and supplying our own "all Australian" brand of LED tubes.
  2. Offering free site visits before installation (in S.E. Qld).
  3. Understanding business and selling primarily to electricians and businesses.
  4. Supplying only the most competitively priced, high quality LED tubes in Australia; and
  5. Having obtained indepentant certification of Australian Standards in our company name.

The lighting technology we bring to businesses in Australia is capable of saving millions of dollars in energy costs every year and simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and the amount of mercury released into the environment.   But adoption of the technology on a large scale is dependent upon businesses being able to;

a) Calculate savings easily and with certainty; and b) Justifying the cost to implement those savings.

Our prices and the information we provide allows businesses to make smart decisions on energy efficient lighting. 

Our client base includes car parks, supermarkets and all forms of offices where fluorescent tubes are currently used.

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