The Environmental Benefits

The benefits of switching to LED tubes are not just economic. The US Energy Information Administration estimates that about 21% of all power consumed by commercial sectors is used for lighting.  A significant amount of  this lighting is provided by fluorescent tubes and switching to LED tubes instead would cut this energy usage in half, reduce greenhouse gases  and have a very real impact on the environmment.    





Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury. Like other items containing hazardous substances they need to be disposed of properly and recycled. There are also special precautions that that should be taken if a fluorescent tube of any sort is broken. While the amounts of mercury are small, because of the large numbers of fluorescent bulbs in use, mercury from fluorescent tubes pose a serious risk to the environment when they find their way into landfill in large numbers. When we install your LED tubes we have our associates remove and recycle the materials in the fluorescent tubes.

LED tubes, which last more than twice as long as fluorescents, contain no hazardous materials. At the end of their long life they can be disposed of with ordinary garbage. 


LED Tube Lighting Pty.Ltd. is proudly a Signatory to the FluoroCycle Scheme  and we support the FluoroCycle initiative. We seek to increase the national recycling rate of waste mercury containing lamps. More information on why we should recycle fluorescent tubes is available at the FluoroCycle website together with a list of  waste lamp recyclers operating in Australia. We recommend that our customers recycle and we add no additional charge for assisting to recyle lamps. 


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