Why Choose Our Commercial LED Lighting?

3 reasons to choose us for your commercial lighting needs:


LED lighting quality is about componentary and assembly. To claim high quality, but be unaware of the componentary used within a product, or of the assembly process, is nonsense. We specify all of the major componentary within our products and we inspect quality control  at the factories where they are assembled. This allows us to deliver a range of products from budget to very high spec. Don't get caught buying a budget product for a high spec price.



We offer more choices which means we can suggest a product that is best suited to the needs of your business. For example in tubes we offer a choice of clear, milky, or stripes diffusers. Selecting a tube with the right cover for Cover Choices for LED Tubesyour purpose will ensure the highest luminance for your lighting fixture. We offer fixed or rotating end caps which means the tube will always fit.    We also offer most of our tubes in standard and high lumen LED arrays as well as 3 levels of LED driver and a variety of heat sinks. From these options we can always ensure that you get the tube you need.

In LED panels we offer 6 different panel sizes. Our 2000mm x 900mm panel is the largest LED panel available in Australia. Most of our LED panels are available in high watt, high lumen models as well as the standard model and in dimmable and non-dimmable versions. We offer a variety of LED chips including Samsung and Epistar and a variety of LED drivers from Philips and Lifud. 



Our prices are reasonable. We have the flexibility, because of our range, to meet your pricing and quality objectives. Compelling pricing is the main driver for businesses switch to LED. Savings from LED lighting can permanently reduce a businesses bottom line costs, but the cost to implement must make sense.      

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