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Easy to Measure Savings

Switching to LED tubes provides easy-to-measure cost savings. When you book an assessment our technicians will use a watt/voltage meter to compare, in real time, the electricity used by your fluorescent tubes, against that used by our LED tubes. They will also use a light meter to prove there is no loss of brightness when you make the switch.  

The electricity used by an electrical device is measured in watts. A 40 watt fluorescent tube uses 40 watts per hour and a 20 watt LED tube uses 20 watts per hour. 

Savings Calculations

A comparison of the electricity useage of 200 fluorescent tubes and 200 Led Tubes operating 15 hours a day 6 days a week is as follows

LED V Fluorescent - Kilowatts Used


 Electricity costs are increasing but, today, electricity costs about 22c per kilowatt and the costs and savings are set out below. 



This cost calculation has been kept simple. In reality the electricity usage of a fluorescent tube is higher than that illustrated above because fluoresent tubes required a ballast to run (a ballast is not required for the LED tube). The ballast uses an additional  3 watts (approx) of electricity.

3 Year Guarantee!

We offer 3 year guarantees and 2 year guarantees on our light tubes. By the expiry of the guarantees LED tubes will have covered their own costs and already produced significant savings. They will continue to produce savings for many years. Warranties of up to 5 years are availabe on many of our products. If you do not see the energy savings on your next electricity bill, return the tubes (or we'll collect them) and we'll give you your money back.   


Up to 50,000 hours!

Tired of replacing fluorescent tubes? An LED tube used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year can last 5.7 years without the dimming or flickering associated with fluorescent tubes. That's a long time between replacements! 


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