Save by Replacing Fluorescents with LED Lighting

 There are 2 ways to convert from fluorescent lighting to LED. Both achieve significant electricity savings. The first method is retrofitting with LED tubes. This is popular because installation costs can often be avoided. The second method is replacing old fluorescent fixtures and lumineres with new LED fixtures. This method can incur some installation cost, but has the added advantage of modern design and smart installation methods that reduced installation time and cost. 

Retrofit LED Tubes 

A retrofit LED solution doesn’t have to be expensive.  LED tubes provide the most economical method of switching to low energy LED lighting because our tubes are designed to be fitted to existing fluorescent fixtures without rewiring. After fitting LED tubes the savings are achieved in two areas;T8 LED Tube

  1. An LED tube consumes only 18 or 22 watts of electricity (depending upon the brightness option chosen). This compares to 36 watts for a fluorescent tube. 
  2. The ballast and capacitor (which are components in all fluorescent fixtures) draws only 2 watts of electricity once an LED tube is fitted. This compares to 8 watts consumed for each tube when a fluorescent tube is fitted.     

Reducing the electricity consumption from 44 watts to 20 watts for every tube in a commercial installation leads to significant electricity savings. The cost of LED tubes is a mere fraction of the savings they provide. At current electricity prices an LED tube can save over $50 a year. For details of the cost of LED tubes click here  

Replacing Fluorescent Fixtures with LED Lighting Fixtures 

If you are looking for a more modern design or smart solutions ,replacing fluorescent battens and troffers with their modern LED equivalents;  integrated LED battens, LED Fixtures and LED panels, provides similar savings to retrofit LED tubes. These lightingLED Panel Light fixtures are not expensive, but they do require some installation by an electrician. Because modern LED fixtures are lightweight and more flexible in their design, there are some smart ways to minimise installation costs. To see these clever installation designs click here.   

LED Tube Lighting was established to provide an inexpensive source of quality LED tubes to the Australian market.  We supply high quality LED tubes and LED Luminaires at the most competitive prices in Australia from our location in Brisbane.  Our prices mean that the full cost of installation can be covered by electricity savings in the first year.  The quality of our tubes and the guarantees that we offer mean that savings continue year after year.  The calculations are indisputable.  

 Free Assessments to Prove the Savings

We offer obligation free quotations during which we will provide you with details of the full cost of installation. We will also use a watt-hour meter to prove  that your old  inefficient (and toxic) fluorescent tubes use twice the power. 

Unlike some other energy saving measures, the savings from LED tubes are very simple to calculate. Replacing a 36w fluorescent tube with an 18w LED tube will use half the power, because it is half the wattage. 

LEDs typically produce more downward light than fluorescent tubes do, and our clients say  that spaces are brighter after the installation of our LED tubes. If you have concerns about brightness, let us know when you book your free assessment. Our technician will use  a light meter to confirm that while consuming half the power our tubes produce at least the same amount of light.    

Please use the calculator on the left to see what you could save. Just fill in the details and click on "Show costs and savings".



Some Examples of Savings

The amount of saving that can be achieved is, of course, dependent upon he cost of electricity and how often lights are used. A standard 36w fluorescent tube that is used continuously at an energy cost of 26c per kilowatt will cost about $100 to run per annum. In the same circumstances an LED tube would cost approximately $46 per annum, yielding a saving $54 per tube per annum. Some real world examples might look like this: In the average small office where 100 tubes are used,  savings of $2700 a year if lights are on 12 hours a day.  In a small supermarket with 300 tubes operating 18 hours a day, the yearly saving is $12150 a year. In a carpark with 1000 tubes operating 24/7 the yearly savings are $54000.   These prices are based on paying 26 cents a kilowatt for electricity.  



With prices so low it doesn't make sense to wait:       

1. Our LED tubes last for up to 50,000 hours, that's 5.7 years of non-stop use.

2. Our LED tubes are guaranteed for at least 2 years. 

3. Finance is available to spread the cost.

It no longer makes sense to stick with fluorescent tubes. Book for an obligation free quote today!    

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Want to know what our LED tubes can save you... in your exact circumstances?

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