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What types of LED lighting products does LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. sell?

We manufacture and sell LED tubes, LED panels and the linear LED luminaires mainly for commercial use. Our luminaires include bare LED battens, integrated tubes and battens, weatherproof led luminaires and emergency luminaires. Our products are available with features such as dimming functions, movement sensors and environmental sensors. We also produce specialist products such as tubes and luminaires for refrigeration.        


Who does LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd.  sell to? 

We sell to electrical contractors and businesses that use fluorescent tubes but would like to reduce their lighting electricity costs. 


How do I order LED Products? 

Call, chat or fill out the "contact us" form. We make the ordering process easy. Call us on 07 30400331 or on 0432777586 or use the chat function on the bottom right of our web page. Outside business hours please use the "Contact us" page     

How long before LED product arrive? 

We hold thousands of tubes in stock and we ship next day by Transdirect. If you are in a rush many products can be collected same day from our warehouse and private showroom at 14/15 Landy street, Northgate, Brisbane, QLD 4013. There are many different varieties of lengths, colours and design. If we do not have the LED product you are looking for in stock it can be produced and shipped to you in 4 weeks or less.      


How are the products of LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. both inexpensive and high quality? 

We operate under a different business model.

Assembled from Brand Name Components

We assemble products from brand name components . We use LED chips from Epistar, Samsung, San'an, Bridgelux, lextar and other giants in the global LED industry. We use drivers from Philips, Meanwell, Osram, Lifud and other first class LED driver manufacturers.  Although our components are brand name there are fewer costs associated wth branding because the finished product is our own brand. 

No Middlemen

Our products are manufactured just for us, to our sepecifications. Our partner factories employ first class quality controls. Many of our products are produced in the same factories that are used to produce global band name products. The products are sold directly from our factories to our customers.

Product Compliance

Our CEO is a lawyer with over 20 years experience, so we build strictly to Australian standards and meet all requirements of the Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme. 

Tight Margins

We recognise that whilst there are environmental, asthetic and other benefits of LED products, the price at which we offer LED products has to entices business to make the switch to LED, so we keep our own margins tight.           


Is LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. insured? 

We are insured for product and public liability in the amount of $20,000,000


Where is LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. based? 

We are based in Brisbane but we ship throughout Australia by Fastway Couriers. We have a warehouse with a private showroom at 14/15 Landy street, Northgate, Brisbane, QLD 4013.  We are also on the road and we can come to you.  


Why does LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. manufacture its products in China? 

Because, like most lghting brands including the big European names, we find that China has the supply chain for our components. China is also where we can get high quality products manufactured at a reasonable price. Our products are assembled in state-of-the-art factories. They are, in some cases, the same factories that assemble for global brands.    


How long will it take to install LED products? 

Often only seconds.  Installing one LED tube in a fixture takes no longer than changing a light bulb. Replacing a fluorescent troffer with an LED panel takes just a few minutes. Even big installations usually take less than a day and can be done either while your business is operating or afterhours. Those that take longer can be done in stages. LED Tube lighting does not install LED products but we recommend skilled and inexpensive electrical contractors  We provide instructions for the very simple process of installing LED tubes which can easily be done by your usual maintenance people. We also operate a directory of electrical contractors that are specialists in the field of LED lighting installation.    


Can LED Tube Lighting Pty Ltd install tubes into the fixtures? 

We inspect your fixtures to ensure that you are buying the correct tubes and we may fit one tube to demonstrate that our tubes work. We deliver the tubes to your business and we can recommend an installer who can fit the tubes at a reasonable cost. Many installations can easily be done by your usual maintenance people. 


Does my fluorescent fixture needs alteration to Fit an LED Tube? 

It is almost never necessary to alter fixtures before installing LED tubes. With some fixtures that operate with a magnet/iron core ballast there are some simple optional alterations that can improve power factor and save some extra watts. For a document that describes these alteration (which should be made by a licenced electrician) please look at instructions for removal of capacitor and bypassing ballast.    


Who owns LED Tube Lighting? 

LED Tube Lighting is owned by a company called SBX Supplements PTY LTD ACN163 405 810. It was founded by Matthew Riba.





What are LED tubes?

LED tubes are a new form of energy efficient lighting that can replace fluorescent tubes. They create light by using arrays of light emitting diodes (LEDs) placed within tubes. The tubes in which the LEDs are fitted are the same size as  standard fluorescent tubes and therefore fit into standard fluorescent fixtures. The main reason why businesses change from fluorescent tubes to LED Tubes is because they cost half as much to run and can be fitted without the need for expensive new fixtures.


Can LED tubes be used in standard fluorescent tube fixtures?

Usually they can, but not always, which is why a technician from LED Tube Lighting will assess your businesses fixtures for suitability as part of our sales process. Our LED tubes can be used in fixtures with an magnetic ballasts (the most common type) without alteration, simply by changing the fluorescent tube starter for an LED fuse (sometimes called an LED Starter).

Some fixtures must be altered by an electrician prior to LED tubes being fitted. We'll let you know if you have this type of fixture.


Is there a way for me to tell if your LED tubes can be used in my fixtures, without alteration?

Generally our LED tubes can be used in fixtures that have a magnetic ballast and a starter (the starter must be replaced by an LED fuse). Fixtures that have an electronic ballast will need a small, typically inexpensive, alteration that needs to be made by an electrician, to bypass the ballast.

If you can see a cylindrical object inserted into your fixture behind the fluorescent tubes then you probably have a magnetic ballast.


Where are your LED tubes made?

Our tubes are assembled in China, like many of the more expensive brand name tubes. The LEDs or other components inside them may be manufactured elsewhere.


How do I know if LED tubes are of high quality?

Quality is determined by many factors. The LED itself should be produced by a quality manufacturer such as Epistar or Samsung. The chips should be of the latest design which is the SMD 2835. Older 3528 or 3014 chips may not have the same ability to produce light or dissipate heat, leading to a shorter life span. We only use SMD 2835 chips.

It is also essential that the driver is isolated and of high quality. An LED tube needs a driver to operate. If this component fails early the tube will cease working well before the LEDs themselves are at the end of their working life.

Finally look for a supplier that is located in Australia and has produced its tubes to Australian standards. Ask for a certificate of approval from an independent certifier to be sure that Australian standards have been met. 




Is the upfront cost worth the savings?

The upfront cost makes sense when you buy tubes at a low price from a company like us. The primary reason that businesses replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes is to lower the electricity costs of the business. The true savings can’t be analysed until the upfront cost of purchasing and fitting the LED tubes, are  known. This is why we offer a free assessment of the savings and the costs. You will discover that under most types of commercial usage our tubes pay for themselves within the first 18 month and often within the first year. Our tubes can easily last for a decade, so having paid for themselves, they continue to create savings year after year.


How can I be sure that I will save on my electricity bill?

We can show you the savings real-time. When you book a free assessment, our technician will take one of your fluorescent tubes and show you the electricity usage using a watt meter. Using the same fixture and watt meter, our technician will then show you the electricity usage of our LED tubes. The electricity usage of our tubes will typically be half.


How can I be sure that your LED tubes will be as bright as my current fluorescent tubes?

Our clients usually remark that our LED tubes are brighter than their fluorescent tubes. To prove that this is the case our technicians will use a lux meter to measure the brightness of your current fluorescent tubes and brightness of the LED tubes we would install.


How do I know that your tubes will last a long time?

We provide a guarantee of at least 2 years on all of our tubes. We also offer longer guarantees for a small additional fee. All of our tubes are tested in aging facilities by the manufacturer to ensure that they last. Our guarantee to you is also backed by a guarantee from our manufacturers.


How much will I save by replacing fluorescent tubes with LED tubes?

The true cost of lighting whether using LED Tubes or fluorescent Tubes is in the cost of electricity consumption. At 22 cents per kilowatt (kw) a 36 watt fluorescent tube uses about $70 a year in electricity if used 24/7. An 18 watt LED tube costs $25 and uses $35 in electricity. Of course there are other savings also because LED tubes virtually eliminate maintenance costs. After the first year the saving is $35 plus maintenance costs, multiplied by the number of tubes your business has, 200 tubes represents a saving of $7000 a year. 




What after sale service do you provide?

Because we are located right here in Queensland we are available to conveniently answer all of your concerns. If you have a problem with any of your tubes our warranty means we will replace or repair, very quickly, a tube that is not working.


What are the terms of your Warrantee/Guarantee?

We provide a written guarantee either 2 or 3 years against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. We can provide you with a copy of the warranty at the time of your free assessment.




Please explain why you say your tubes are of a higher quality than some others?

There are numerous LED manufacturers producing tubes that vary greatly in quality.

  1. Tubes need to be manufactured from high quality materials but unfortunately many are not. The back of a tube should be made of aluminum in order to ensure that there is adequate heat dispersion from the LED array. The cover should be of a high quality plastic that will not discolour over a long period of use and will defuse light well. This is the construction we use.
  2. The LEDs need to be the latest Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) 2835 which has a superior heat sink and is brighter than older 3528 and 3014 models. We only use this model.
  3. The LED driver needs to be isolated and manufactured to last as long as possible. We only use isolated drivers.
  4. Finally there needs to a high quality manufacturing process that produces a tube that satisfies Australian standards.

All of our tubes meet these requirements and we personally visit our manufacturer's factory.We inspect the production process and ensure that any tubes we import meet our high standards. 


Do your tubes comply with Australian Standards?

Our tubes have been tested by our manufacturer and us to ensure that they comply with Australian Standards. LED tubes are not a prescribed product and therefore do not need to be independently certified as complying with Australian Standards. The process of certifying to Australian standards is expensive but we obtaining an independent certification on all of our tubes.


What is the LED driver?

The LED driver is the electrical component within the tube that converts 240 volts of electricity to 12 volts. It is possible to buy tubes with isolated or non-isolated drivers. Led Tube Lighting only sells tubes with isolated drivers.


What is the difference between an isolated driver and a non-isolated driver?

An isolated driver is isolated from the rest of the electrical device so that the 240volts coming into it cannot come in contact with the rest of the electrical appliance. Isolated drivers are more expensive to produce. We only sell tubes with isolated drivers.


How do I know that your tubes will fit my fixture?

Because we can supply LED tubes to fit any fixture! We will do an assessment of your fixtures to ensure that you are getting the correct LED tube. The most common fixture used in a commercial setting in Brisbane and throughout Queensland holds a 1200mm T8 tube. The chances are that your tubes fit this description. We hold thousands of this LED Tube in stock, and can replace fluorescent tubes of this type very quickly. We supply tubes for every imaginable fixture so we  guarantee that we can supply your needs. Just book a free assessment, and we will be able to help you.


Why do some of your tubes have rotating end sockets?

This is because unlike fluorescents tubes  LED tubes shine only downwards, where the light is needed. In order to ensure the end sockets are in the correct position to make light shine downwards, the ends need to rotate. If you buy tubes without ends that rotate you may find that the lit surface of the tube faces to the side rather than directly downwards.


What brightness do I need to replace my 36W fluorescent tube?

Our clients are usually happy with the amount of light produced by an 18 watt LED tubes. Most feel that our tubes are brighter than the fluorescents they replace. We check the brightness with a lux meter which also shows that our tubes are brighter.


Do LED tubes contain toxic materials?

LED tubes do not contain toxic material. Fluorescent tubes contain a dangerous heavy metal called mercury. If this finds its way into our food chain the mercury in food stays in our bodies and can cause severe health problems. In Brisbane it is estimated that 95% of fluorescent tubes find their way into land fill and potentially contaminate our environment. Please help us to end this cycle by switching to LED tubes.


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