LED Flood Light

The quality of a flood light is determined by its components. LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. assembles its super high quality LED flood lights from the world’s leading LED components. Our flood lights High Watt Flood Lightsincorporate LED modules from Philips, Cree, or Samsung, at our customer’s option. The modules are driven by an LED driver from Mean Well; one of the most respected brands in LED driver market. These components are housed in an attractive state-of-the-art weather-proof casing (rated to IP67) with unique integrated heat disbursing fins. The flood lights are available in 10w to 800w models.

These quality LED components permit our high watt flood lights to operate continuously in the most demanding conditions year after year.

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Flood Light LEDs

Samsung Flood Light LEDs

The LEDs used in our floodlights are manufactured and packaged by Philips, Cree and Samsung; legends in the LED industry and household names that are synonomous with quality. 

The lifespan and luminosity of the LED (even high quality LEDs) can be reduced by heat unless it is efficiently dissipated. All LED products produce heat from both the LEDs and the electronics that drive them but this is particularly a problem in high watt LED applications such as flood lights. Our flood lights have a superior operating life because the LEDs are:

  1. Spread across the face of the flood light in modules, rather than being concentrated in the centre of the light; and
  2. Are contained within a housing that isolates any heat from the LED driver and incorporates state-of-the-art fins to further dissipate heat in the unit.

Firstly, heat is spread evenly and secondly it is dissipated quickly through the fins. This design means that the flood light can operate for long periods without a break and ensures the unit has a long working life even in the most demanding of conditions.


Flood Light Beam Angles

Symmetrical Round Beam symmetrical round LED lense
Symmetrical Wide Beam Symmetrical Wide beam lens
Asymmetrical Wide Beam Angle Asymmetrical Wide Beam Angle Lens

Our floodlights have customizable beam angles. A flood light that is required to light a billboard requires a different beam angle to one that is required to light a commercial loading bay or an architectural design feature. Our flood lights are available in 7 different beam angles, from a very narrow 10 degrees through to a very wide 135 degrees.

Beam angles in our flood lights are customised by using lenses, not reflectors. This permits a very accurate beam angle to be created and light to be directed accurately upon a subject matter. Each LED module consists of arrays of LEDs. Each LED within an array is paired with  the correct lens to create the desired beam angle. See the pictures and diagrams to the right.  

This arrangement allows unprecedented flexibility to choose a lighting configuration most suitable to the subject being illuminated. It also reduces light pollution and glare by focusing the light only upon the subject matter.  Rectangular asymmetrical beam angles are also available.


Flood Lights Driver

Our high quality floodlight uses a driver from Mean Well; a Taiwanese company who has a long history of producing some of the highest quality drivers on the market. The driver is contained in a separate compartment away from the heat sink. This physical separation provides a better working environment for the driver, improves heat dissipation and also contributes to its long expected working life.


Flood Light Casing

The casing of our floodlight is weather-proof to IP67. Its slim line design can withstand even the most brutal of weather conditions. Its integrated fin design ensures heat is removed effectively from the the unit while adding modern attractive lines. The floodlight is available in 3 different neutral colours.

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