LED Batten Light

Our LED battens are designed to work with all of our LED tubes. They may be paired with our standard commercial LED tubes or any of our specialist tubes, including our high lumen, 24/7sensor, and dimmable tubes. 

Our LED battens are available in weatherproof or indoor versions and also in a stylish integrated version with a built-in LED tube.        

In order to meet Australian Standards our battens contain a .5 amp fuse. 



Weatherproof LED Battens

Our range of waterproof, dustproof and corrosion proof  LED luminaires have been designed for the Australian market. They will operate with any of our LED tubes and are also are available in a tubeless configuration 

We manufacture the more traditional models as well as a range featuring a stylish square aluminium and polycarbonate case in designer colours. 

All models have been independently certified by SAA Approvals.

LED Waterproof Battens Price


Our weather proof battens have the following features:  

High Impact Resistant Case                                   Fixings : Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket              
Diffuser: High Impact Resistant diffuser PG13.5 Waterproof Tightening Gland 
G13 Tombstone Fits Any LED Tube Long Warranties
Available in Tubeless Configuration Up to IP66

Our weatherproof  Luminaires are designed and assembled for the Australian market.  The luminaire is made of high quality, high impact resistant thermoplastic consisting of an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) base with a polycarbonate (PC) cover.

LED Batten (Removable Tube)

Installing bare LED battens is the easiest way to upgrade to LED lighting when it is necessary, or desirable, to retain the look and character of existing fluorescent linear lighting. For a more modern look, please consider battens with integrated tubes or LED Panels

Our LED Battens can be used with any LED tube and are available in single and double LED tube models. They are available in 600mm 900mm 1200mm and 1500mm lengths. The battens have been independently certified to comply with Australian standards, including the recent AS60598.2.1 which requires the inclusion of a .5 amp fuse and warning labels. Other than the fuse there are no electronic components within the LED batten making ballast and starter replacement a thing of the past.      

LED Batten Prices

LED battens can operate with our entire T8 LED tube range including dimmable tubes and sensor tubes. This allows lighting to be upgraded with a simple tube change. 

LED Battens (with Integrated LED Tubes)

LED battens with integrated led tubes are the premier solution for linear lighting in Australia today, offering unprecedented ease of installation, quality of light and economy. LED battens with integrated tubes are the modern equivalent of fluorescent tube fixtures, but with all of the benefits that LEDs offer. The Integrated LED batten is a lighting fixture with one or two LED tubes built in. They offer many advantages over traditional fluorescent fixtures. They are light weight and slim line providing an unobtrusive and stylish look. They are also inexpensive (costing less than a typical fluorescent fixture and tube). Integrated LED fixtures are suitable for wherever fluorescent lighting has traditionally been used. They are available with integrated T8 or T5 tubes.

Integrated Batten Prices

Our LED battens also have advantages in terms of installation.  Because of their light weight they are installed with just two screws after which they clip on or off with ease. They may be individually connected to the power supply but they can also be connected in line to each other with easy-fit plugs. Up to 20 battens can be fitted in line in minutes!  This feature makesmakes them particularly suitable for supermarket isles and corridors.

Available in different lengths, colour temperature and brightness (wattage).



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