LED High Bay

Our stylish LED bay lights provide a commercial and industrial lighting solution that is more than twice as efficient as metal halide, mercury vapour and high pressure sodium. Our bay lights are dimmable and can be customized to produce the necessary beam angle and lux levels.

We have two models of bay lights. Our high bay for ceiling heights of 4 to 12 meters and ultra-high bay designed for ceiling heights of 10 to 30 meters. Wattages range from 60 to 600 watt and colour temperature from 3000k to 6500k.



High Bay - 4 to 12 Metres

High Bay TubeOur high bay lights are stylish and modern. They are IP65 water resistant, corrosion proof, and dust proof. The LED light source is driven by a high quality Mean Well driver and our standard models are available in 60 to 200W versions which produce up to 25,000 lumens with greatly reduce glare. The LED light source is produced by an arrays of LEDs which are evenly distributed across the tube under a high quality polycarbonate diffuser. This compares to the single undiffused point of light emitted from both traditional and more modern LED high bay lights.

In addition to distributing light more evenly the LED arrangement in our high bay tube also ensures that heat is evenly distributed and then dissipated by a superior 4mm aluminium heat sink.

Link to 24/7 LED Tube



Ultra High Bay - 10 to 30 Metres

Ultra High Bay LightOur ultra-high bay modules can be configured into fixtures of 600W producing up to 66000 lumens. They are IP65 water resistant, corrosion proof, and dust proof. Each module contains an array of high powered SMD3535 LEDs set under a lens producing either the 40 or 80 degree beam angle necessary for very high installations.



Link to 24/7 LED Tube




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