LED Refrigerator Lighting

We manufacture a range of T8 LED tubes specifically designed for commercial refrigeration in factories, commercial kitchens, supermarkets and shops. They are ideal for new build or retrofit. They will fit  existing T8 lamp holders and work with or without the magnetic/iron core ballast. Simply replace the fluorescent starter.  

The tubes are available in two styles; 

1. A water resistant (IP65), fully sealed, polycarbonate tube with wide beam angle. This tube is available in both high Lumen 115lm/watt version and normal 100lm/watt. Available with an optional IP65 T8 lamp holder. 

2. A customizable aluminium tube with an isolated driver. Available in 4 beam angles, 3 diffuser styles and with an optional water-resistant driver treatment and sealed end caps.         


Water Resistant LED Refrigration Tube

Our water resistant LED refrigeration tubes are a perfect solution for commercial refrigeration where moisture or condensation may be a concern. This IP65 tube is fully sealed in a polycarbonate sleeve with optional IP65 T8 lamp holders providing additional protection if desired.

The IP 65 LED refrigerator tube is available in normal and high lumen models. The tube contains a high quality aluminum heat sink and the latest SMD2835 chips from Epistar.  


LED Refrigerator Tubes

Our T8 customizable LED refrigerator tubes are constructed of aluminium with a polycarbonate diffuser and rotatable end caps. Various options are available:

1.  Beam Angle: A choice of a straight LED array or 3 different V-shaped arrays provide the correct wide beam angle to emit light throughout the fridge. This feature is particularly useful where tubes are installed vertically between refrigerator doors.

2. Diffuser: Three different choices of  diffuser cover are available: striped, milky and clear   

3. Water resistance: A water resistant treatment is available for the driver and sealed end caps are also optional.   We also sell a full IP65 Water Resistant LED Refrigerator Tube.  

LED Refrigeration Tubes

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