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LED technology has improved rapidly in recent years.  Understandably it can be difficult to find the most up-to-date products and information.  Our unique business model ensures that we only supply the latest technology which can mean saving thousands of dollars with increased energy efficiency and smart solutions.  

LED Tubes 

Switching fluorescent tubes to LED tubes (and leaving existing luminaires in place) can be an inexpensive way to upgrade.      

Our T8 LED tubes can be used in almost any T8 fluorescent light fixture, whether it uses a magnetic or electronic ballast. An upgrade from fluorescent to LED tubes, in almost all cases, should be as simple as swaping the tube.

Additional functionality can be introduced by installing tubes with special features. Our dimmable tubes will work in a standard fixture with a magnetic  ballast.

Our LED sensor tubes are adjustable. The tube can remain off or at a selected level of luminosity during periods of inactivity. After being triggered our sensor tube will remain at full luminosity for the selected time selected. This smart feature means that energy consumption can be reduced by 90% or more. 

LED Luminaires

LED luminaires provide stylish energy efficient lighting solutions that combine smart features. Our LED waterproof emergeny luminaires can include emergency modules that can run the light more than 3 hours in the event of a power outage, alter brightness in response to the environment and movement.        



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