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Our T8 LED tubes will operate efficiently in any T8 LED or fluorescent light fixture. Whether fluorescent light fixtures have a magnetic ballast or an electronic ballast, use a fluorescent starter or no starter at all, our patented LED tube will operate in it. For information on our T5 tube please click here.

All of our tubes are commercial quality, have external heat sinks and will reduce energy usage by about 50% 

In the event that for any reason a new light fixture is required we recommend our LED battens. 

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High Lumen T8 LED Tube


Our high lumen LED tube can achieve 140lm per watt allowing our 18W tube to achieve 2520lm. This makes it the most efficient tube for sale in Australia. This remarkable efficiency is achieved in the 18W tube by using 180 High Lumen SMD2835 LEDs from Epistar. The LEDs are rated to .5w but their full capability is not used. This underutilization of the LEDs  with a sophisticated isolated LED driver increases the efficiency of the LEDs and lifespan of the LED Tube. 

The High Lumen LED tube is ideal for use where a very luminous and very efficient tube is required. The tube comes with a 2 year warranty.

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T8 LED Movement Sensor Tubes - Infrared

Our movement sensor tubes detect movement with a state-of-the-art infrared sensor. The movement sensor conserves energy by turning off the tube or dimming it when there is no activity. When movement triggers the sensor in the tube it increases to full brightness and consumes 18 watts of electricity.  At 18 watts the tube produces about the same illumination as a 36 watt fluorescent tube. If no  movement is sensed for a time the tube turns off again or dims. 

The movement sensor tubes are available in a) an adjustable model and b) a factory preset model. Controls on the adjustable model allow the luminosity of the tube (during nil activity periods) to be selected. The tube can be set to remain off until triggered or at 10%, 20%,30% or 40% luminosity.  After being triggered by activity/movement the tube becomes fully luminous for the period selected on the controls. Periods from 5 seconds to 1 hour may be selected. Further information is available in the Adjustable Movement Sensor LED Tube Product Document. 

Price LED Movement Sensor Tubes

The factory preset model is set to the desired settings in the factory and these settings cannot  be altered.             

Replacing standard fluorescent tubes with LED movement sensor tubes can reduce electricity usage by over  90% when compared to fluorescent tubes.

Because sensor tubes run at low power for the majority of their working life, drivers and chips use less power and produce less heat. As well as saving electricity this extends the life of all components.  

Our sensor tubes have been independently certified to comply with all Australian safety standards and also with mandatory electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC). 

Our standard 2 year warranty applies. Longer warranties are available.      


Always On T8 LED Tube


Our "always on" T8 LED tube is designed for continuous use, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Many manufacturers of LED tubes claim 50,000 hours (5.7 years) as the life of their lights. When lights are on 24/7 this claim often does not live up to reality. The reason is that the electronics within the light (not the LEDs) fail early. Our "always on" T8 LED tube has addressed this by using special components in the internal isolated driver. For example we use a capacitor from Rubycon in Japan. Rubycon has been producing capacitors since 1952 and are regarded as one of highest quality producers in the world. We also use an integrated circuit from Silergy, a Silicon Valley company, creating an electronic driver with outstanding performance and resilience. 


The chips are from Epistar, a Taiwanese company who is the largest global producer of LED chips (measured by production capacity). These chips are packaged into a high quality SMD2835 LED by Runlite one of Epistar biggest partners.


Finally the tube is assembled in a state of the art factory that is also the Original Equipment Manufacturer for LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. as well as many of the biggest names in the LED industry.


Economical LED Tube

Our economical T8 LED tubes provide an inexpensive introduction to fluorescent replacement LED lighting. They are suitable to replace a fluorescent tube of double the wattage consumption.  Their case is constructed of high quality polycarbonate. The case contains Epistar LED chips driven by a non-isolated driver and mounted on an internal aluminum heat sink.  The polycarbonate case provides insulation from all electrical components making it possible to use a less expensive non-isolated driver.  The economical tubes is suitable for use in  applications where the tube is not exposed continuously to hot weather and does not have extended operating times. 

Price of Economical T8 LED Tubes

By comparison our commercial grade aluminum tubes are stronger and have an external heat sink which is more effective at removing heat during long hours of operation. This extends the life of all components but requires the use of more expensive components including an external heat sink and isolated driver. We provide a warranty of 2 or 3 years on our commercial tubes and 18 months on our Economical Tube.                

T8 LED Tubes for Magnetic Ballast


Our LED tubes (for magnetic ballast) are commercial quality and will replace fluorescent tubes in any fluorescent luminaire that has a magnetic ballast. No rewiring to the existing fixture is required. To make the change, simply replace the fluorescent starter with an LED starter prior to inserting the LED Tube.  Each tube is sold with an LED starter. Click to View Spec Sheets 

The tubes are strong and light weight. They are constructed of aluminium with a full external aluminium heat sink providing superior dispersion of heat from the internal driver and LED array. To ensure that the tubes can adapt to any fixture each has a rotating G13 end socket that allows the tube to point in any direction. 

Prices for T8 LED TubesThe tube is powered by a high quality isolated driver in an insulated housing that converts 240 volts to about 40 volts, for added safety.  

Prices for T8 LED Tubes

All of our T8 LED tubes for magnetic ballast luminaires are available with milky diffuser or clear cover in a variety of lengths, wattages and light colour (or temperature). Each tube has been independently certified by SAA Approvals. The certificate can be found here

Our commercial grade T8 LED tubes models that work with a magnet or iron core ballast are listed below. For tubes that work with an electronic ballast click here. For our economic polycarbonate model click here.        

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